‘Homes and Interiors Scotland’ magazine recently interviewed Sally, our Founder and Design Director, read some of the interview right here…

Prinicple Room, Georgian Townhouse, Edinburgh
  • Your full name and role within the company?

Sally Homan, I am the founder and design director of Robertson Lindsay Interiors. I trained at the KLC School of Design and worked for a leading interior design company in London before setting up Robertson Lindsay Interiors in Edinburgh 10 years ago. 

  • What interesting facts/details should readers know about the company?

I had a 15 year business career before moving into interior design, and have taken this professionalism and love of meeting different people into the way we run our creative projects. As well as being a creative talent we are extremely organised and used to running big projects, delivering on time and budget. Most of our clients are professional people and really appreciate us managing the whole project.

  • What’s exclusive to the company?

We design and commission the majority of furniture specifically for each client. Having a studio rather than a showroom allows us to create something unique and perfect for each client. A lot of Scottish houses have large rooms with high ceilings and standard furniture isn’t designed to suit. We love working with our trusted suppliers on each project and work with Scottish makers whenever we can.

  • The biggest design challenge so far has been.

Commissioned to design and install six luxury French bedrooms in a Chateau within a 10-week timeline. After one visit to measure we produced bespoke furniture, including Armoires, Louis XV style furniture, rugs, and over 100 items were shipped to France. My flight was cancelled because of snow in Paris so I had to find a way to get to Bordeaux in time to meet the lorry, It was a challenging project in so many ways but was completed on time and looked fantastic!

  • What motivates and inspires the company?

Creating a warm, inviting home which our clients love. We enjoy working closely with each client to understand their style and the mood and atmosphere they want to create. Every client is different, and therefore no home is ever the same.

  • What’s the best part of the design process?

All of our clients have different personalities and style. We really enjoy getting to know new clients and turning their style into a design for their dream home. Whether we are working on a compact contemporary apartment or a traditional Scottish castle, we pride ourselves on listening closely to our clients’ ideas and dreams for their home and delivering a personalised scheme for them. We also love throwing in ideas that they might not have thought of.

  • Who is your customer?

Most of our business comes from referrals from happy clients. We also have repeat clients where we have designed their second and third homes. Some clients like to work very closely with us and be involved in the details. Others like a more hands off approach and like us to manage the whole design and installation. We have just finished a property for Dubai based clients. The first time we met them was when they arrived to see the finished house, which they loved.

  • What are the first questions they should ask you?

Ask to see images of our previous projects and speak to our previous clients. It is really important your designer takes time to understand you and your needs. Success happens when the designer really listens to the client. 

  • What’s planned for the future?

Being a decade in, we are delighted with our growing portfolio and know we don’t want to grow too rapidly. Our business thrives from having a small talented team, which means that I can be closely involved in all projects. We are going to keep doing this work for a long time so we want to make sure each project is special and enjoyable not just for our clients but us as well.