This new decade is beginning with a vibrant worldwide movement bringing the natural world to the forefront of our daily lives.  It is then no surprise that nature and organic qualities lead the interiors trends for 2020 bringing a calming, de-stressing connection to the outside world.

In addition the shift towards investing in locally made and sourced items is something we are passionate about.  Offering some of the most premium craftsmanship, it is worth investing in Scottish furniture which will last a lifetime.  


Colour of the year 

The Dulux colour of the year has been announced as Tranquil Dawn, a soft, washed green shade with a hint of grey tone which we see working well in both traditional and more contemporary room styles and settings.  Green is one of the leading colours of this season for many paint brands; possibly reflecting the mood for a stronger connection to a natural life. 

New Farrow & Ball colours

Farrow & Ball have launched a range of 16 new colours, all inspired by our natural heritage, with green shades taking 4 of these spots.  We love the warmth these new colours bring, an exciting and optimistic move from the cold greys of past seasons.


Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood and stone are being used offering a range of interesting space dividers, creating new living zones with a very relaxed atmosphere.  With the trend to create outside gardens or living walls in the city, we now see a growth for Inside gardens, with real living interior walls bringing you a breathe of fresh air from inside your own home.




Adding texture to your home will be a big focus, from using modern and experimental stitching details in soft furnishings to the use of looped, curly boucle yarns creating a soft, warm and inviting living space.


About Robertson Lindsay Interiors

Sally Homan (Design Director) is an associate of the British Institute of Interior design and has developed a stunning portfolio of beautiful homes across the UK. Our work has been featured in many interior design magazines and we enjoy working with each clients personal tastes to create their dream home.

For more information or further examples of our work please contact us at the studio on 0131 629 1661 or by email at