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‘Robertson Lindsay creates stunning bespoke interiors for private clients. They only run three or four projects simultaneously so they can devote time to each one. “We ask abut your needs, we listen to your likes and dislikes and we endeavour to create a home that is perfectly suited to you. We pride ourselves on providing an impeccable standard of service to our clients’.

Homes and Interiors Scotland - January 2022

‘I know what I like but I also appreciate the way an interior designer will challenge you” said Nic. Sally Homan at Robertson Lindsay was their top pick, but she was in demand, and the couple had to wait three months before the designer could focus on their home. They used the time to settle in and make a few changes themselves.
It was the designers ability to combine elements of their contrasting styles that impressed them most. “Andy likes vintage and industrial and I’m much more clean lines and contemporary”. It was about co-creating something that we wouldn’t have got to individually”. It’s what you pay a designer for – to remove all the angst you might have about whether you’ve made the right decision. They know what they are doing’.
Homes & Interiors Scotland - November 2017

‘We found Sally by chance through a friend of a friend’ Jane explains. ‘I didn’t consciously go out and look for an interior designer, but when Sally came on board I found her help invaluable. I knew which colours I wanted – lots of greens and blues. Sally was able to interpret that in a way to create exactly the look and feel that I wanted. It’s great to have a colour in your head but sometimes it can be quite difficult to find that exact shade. Sally could and did…’
‘Sally was a great help with materials’ says Jane. ‘It really is a minefield out there once you start looking and I think she really met the brief. It’s hard to choose a favourite space now as it all works and flows so well.’
Scotland on Sunday – September 2016

Sally Homan has transformed a once drab apartment in Edinburgh’s New Town into a haven of glamour and sophistication. ‘With my clients, I like to put their personality into their homes, so all our projects are different. I like to travel so I took inspiration from that when doing my own home. There’s a blend of French and Eastern influences and I sourced items from all over – there are American, French and Asian pieces in there.’
Scottish Field – Autumn 2015

‘Sally and I looked through my wardrobe to see which colours I prefer. She then created bathroom designs based on my tastes. She had noticed that I like pinks and soft greys which inspired the choice of tiles and paints. I find the colours very soothing and because they are based on colours I wear they reflect my personality. It’s a bespoke sanctuary that I can escape to when I want to relax.’
Ideal Home Magazine bathroom feature – August 2014

‘Using innovative ideas and spatial sleight of hand Sally Homan has created a bespoke home packed with personality.’
25 Beautiful Homes apartment feature - July 2014

‘False walls, dropped ceilings and recessed lighting together with some bold design decisions, have combined to create a small but perfectly formed home in the capital. The real triumph here has been Sally’s masterful redesigning of the layout and carefully planned tricks that have maximised space without compromising on style.’
Homes & Interiors Scotland magazine – January 2014

‘Sally’s scheme is reminiscent of a holiday home in the Hamptons where the natural elements seen outside are as important as the soft furnishings inside. Tongue and groove features throughout; painted in mellow Farrow & Ball tones. It gives the property a light beachy vibe… Long Island luxury.’
Home & Interiors Scotland Magazine – December 2011

‘Robertson Lindsay gets most work through word of mouth, or returning to do second and third projects for former clients. “Scotland is quite small, so your reputation is everything.We tend to take on the whole property, whether that is a townhouse in London, a manor house in France or a castle in Scotland.” They are larger projects at the upper end of both space and budget. “Our suppliers tend to be small businesses that are really skillful and we can learn from them. Design is all about detail, and the difference between a good project and a great project is taking the time to get that detail right – whether that’s a wallcovering or the fretwork on a custom-built wardrobe. We take a lot of direction from the client, getting to know them and their tastes, looking at the house, the architecture and then influences from travel or nature all come together to get to the essence of the design. We have worked with some very famous people –but I’m sworn to secrecy and although we work with high-net-worth individuals, all our clients want value for money and everyone will have a budget. At the end, we want them to walk into their house and know it is theirs, rather than an interior design showroom’.

Scotsman Newspaper ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd - August 2021

‘The transformation of the property began shortly after she moved in, with the help of expert interior designer Sally Homan, design director, Robertson Lindsay Interiors. Pamela said, ‘I thought ‘oh well’ I can have a word just for this one room, which I wanted to look really nice. And I was very, very pleased with the result. It was just a beautiful room. It had been my intention, for financial reasons, to do one room at a time but I was sick of it. I moved into a property close by for two weeks whilst the bathroom was being replaced, the floor lifted and new lighting put in with Sally coordinating everything.’
‘I love the result and it’s difficult to say which room I like best because I like them all best for different reasons’.
Scottish Field magazine - December 2017

‘When a friend suggested she talk to an interior designer, Pamela was less than keen. ‘With so much unexpected expenditure I didn’t see the point but, to please my friend, I talked to Sally Homan of Robertson Lindsay Interiors. Eventually, impressed, I asked her to help with the living room.’ Pamela was so pleased with the results, she decided it would be less stressful and time consuming to let Sally coordinate the renovation of the hall, stairs and landing, living/dining room, cloakroom, two bedrooms and bathroom. ‘It was such a relief to collaborate with someone who would not only make inspirational suggestions but co-ordinate with trusted tradesmen. And it was worth every penny to see the house I grew up in mature into a beautiful home.’
Your Home magazine – September 2016

‘My interior designer (Robertson Lindsay) drew up 3D plans of how the room would look which filled me with confidence. The room is now a spacious elegant kitchen-diner, I spend a lot of time in here now, I have a kitchen that is both beautiful and practical.’
Ideal Home Magazine kitchen feature – October 2014

This gorgeous house has a brilliantly comfortable feel, which has been created with thoughtful careful design and attention to detail. ‘The designer (Robertson Lindsay) was great at interpreting what I wanted and telling me which colours would give me the effect that I was looking for. We knew the sort of furniture that we wanted and the interior designer sourced it all for us.’
No.1 Magazine – August 2014

‘Brilliant examples of not being afraid to use large scale wallpaper in small rooms. It doesn’t make the rooms look smaller, in fact, it makes them look quite grand.’
Chinoiserie Chic Blog – January 2014

‘Initially I just wanted help with the wall colours but once we’d agreed all of the schemes I decided to collaborate with Sally at Robertson Lindsay on everything from carpets and lighting to accessories and artwork. Sally sourced an amazing range of bespoke furniture and fabrics, all at a reasonable price.’
25 Beautiful Homes – March 2012

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