Online searches for velvet have increased by 400% this year and we have recently commissioned 6 velvet sofas for clients. Velvet is a luxurious material with a subtle sheen so we like to contrast it with hard materials, maybe a wooden floor, stone or some metal trim. If you are worried about the pile direction showing or marks then try an antique velvet.  Some velvets are too soft for upholstery but they work brilliantly as cushions or just as piping for texture and interest. (Image Robertson Lindsay Ltd)

Dark Kitchens

Very dark blue or grey kitchens have been on trend for a few years. The sophisticated, elegant look look has come from Scandinavia and it is here to stay. Appliance manufacturers have recently launched black appliances to fall in line with the trend. If you don’t want to go the whole hog try a dual coloured kitchen with dark base units and lighter colours above. (Image Mowlem & Co kitchens)

Warm whites

Farrow & Ball launched School House White in 2018 and we are big fans. Some of the contemporary off whites are quite cold and difficult to live with. This soft chalky white has an element of warmth to it without looking at all yellow. They have retired Clunch, one of our favourites so School House White will be a good replacement. (Image Farrow & Ball)


Terrazzo is a composite material of marble and chipping which is set into cement. It was created as a way of using off cuts which makes it a sustainable choice. It can be used for work surfaces, tiles, flooring or table tops. The look is so popular that it has moved into homeware and wallpaper. There are dozens of colour and size options meaning that you can use it as a neutral base or be bold and create a fun scheme.

Sally Homan (Design Director) is an associate of the British Institute of Interior design and has developed a stunning portfolio of beautiful homes across the UK. Our work has been featured in many interior design magazines. Sally prides herself on working with each clients personal tastes to create their dream home.